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Importance of Tire Pressure


Low air pressure causes erratic wear and is the #1 cause of tire failures.

Properly inflated tires extend tire casing life, resulting in less overheating and fewer blowouts.

Low tire pressure increases required braking distances and dramatically affects steering and handling.

The Society of Automotive Engineers indicates that 260,000 accidents, resulting in 79 deaths and 10,600 injuries, each year are due to low tire pressure.


The Tire Maintenance Council reports that tires running 10% under-inflated lose up to 16% of their tread life.

Tires under-inflated by 30% lost up to 10% fuel economy.

The average downtime on the highway due to a flat tire is 3-4 hours.

Roadside repairs costs average $400+.

Properly inflated tires preserve casings resulting in the ability to increase retreads.

Peace of Mind

PressurePro can alert the driver to dangerously low tire pressures before they become catastrophic or costly to you, your loved ones, or your possessions.

Dealer Inquiries Welcome