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Do you know how valuable your system is?! Blowouts are so costly and can cause so much damage, harm and possible tragedy; you have an excellent prevention tool for this. You should be on the front page of every trade and industry publication in the transportation industry – you have THE product!!! – Aaron Y. Indianapolis, IN


I wanted to let you know I received my monitor and sensors and they work great! I’ve had 2 tires go bad in the last 2 weeks and PressurePro caught them both before they went flat and caused an accident and/or damage. The system paid for itself already! – Doug B. Livingston, TX


Installation of the system couldn’t be easier! For me, the increased safety and peace of mind that my PressurePro system provides is PRICELESS! – Rob G. Toronto, CA


It’s my opinion that understanding the integrity of my car tires while being towed is the greatest benefit of PressurePro. Surely knowing what the coach is doing is important but I have no mechanical feedback from the car while I’m driving. Should a tire blow or lose pressure, I would not know until substantial damage has been done. PressurePro monitors all my tires, including my car tires, and I can relax much more while driving with one less worry. Congratulations on developing such a great product!

– Roy S. Brandon, FL


Hey guys! Just finished installing the system… just as expected, it works like a charm! I know you have put your heart and soul into this for many years – congratulations – you deserve it! – Bryan T. Holland, MI


This system is bulletproof! What a joy with all pressures available at all times. I am delighted with the system and tell everyone they need one to protect their loved ones too. Thanks for all of the great service. – Mike D. Long Beach, CA


The system is performing admirably. I have found it a most valuable addition to the safe operation of my vehicle. Many thanks for providing me with a top product! – Vic F. Victoria, Australia


This past weekend was the first opportunity I have had to use my PressurePro system, and it worked perfectly! Put me in the HAPPY CAMPER column!  - Gerald W. Temple, TX


I just wanted to write and say “thank you”! I have been

very pleased with my PressurePro and fully trust it as it

has already saved me from a flat. I have made others

aware of the systems and will continue to do so at every opportunity. It is also so rewarding working with a company with such character and integrity. Great Job you all, this system is nothing less than first class!  – Thomas C

Big Rapids, MI


I’m happy to report that after our trip to Alaska and back (over 10,000 miles) the PressurePro performed perfectly. Having the system on gives me peace of mind, just like advertised. I love being able to check tire pressures to assure the best handling and fuel mileage. – Gaylon B. Houston, TX


I have been using PressurePro for over 2 years, and I couldn’t be happier. The peace of mind it provides is PRICELESS! This is one of the greatest products I have ever purchased with its reliability and simplicity. Every vehicle on the road should be required to have a PressurePro system. It could prevent hundreds of dollars in damage to vehicles and could save many lives!

– Rod A. Bellevue, WA


We bought our PressurePro system a while back at a Rally, and since then, we couldn’t brag more about your wonderful product or customer service. Whenever my husband and I have questions or want to add to our system, you are always so friendly and upbeat. If we were ranking your customer service on a scale of 1-10, we give you a 15!!! It’s been our pleasure being a customer.

– Nancy Garneau Plymouth, MI


I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks for all of your help! – Jim F. Livingston, TX


I have had three experiences in my Prevost bus, which would have been disastrous without my PressurePro system. I’d never have known I had a flat without the system. I’ve seen two busses with back ends burned out because of inside flats catching fire, and several without fenders or wheels due to similar situations… a very sad situation when someone is expecting a nice vacation. I don’t only personally recommend your product to everyone, I insist on it. – Neal L. Sherman, TX




Dealer Inquiries Welcome