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Why Pressurepro?

PressurePro Adds Safety! Under-inflation is THE leading cause of tire failure. PressurePro gives drivers the necessary tools to reduce their risk of accidents, damage and loss by alerting to loss pressure situations.

PressurePro Enhances Savings! Under-inflated tires require more fuel to overcome rolling resistance. PressurePro gives drivers the tools to save as much as 5 cents per gallon.

PressurePro Increases Tire Life! Under-inflated tires can cause internal sidewall damage and lose 10% of their tread wear for every 10 PSI drop in pressure. PressurePro allows drivers the information required to maintain optimal tire life.

PressurePro Allows Optimal Handling! Under-inflated tires can not perform at maximum potential. PressurePro allows drivers the knowledge to keep their tires performing at optimal levels.

PressurePro - Your customers are requesting it! Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems continue to top the list of requested products for vehicle owners with 79% of consumers reported their desire for a reliable TPM system.

PressurePro is

Reliable, Durable, Accurate, Cost Effective and Easy to Install and Maintain.


Dealer Inquiries Welcome